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7 Reasons why we Love Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry encompasses any digital or computer-based technology that is used to examine, diagnose, and treat the health of your mouth.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry:

  1. Accurate condition diagnoses.

  2. * Identify, diagnose and treat oral diseases in its early stages.

  3. * CBCT X-rays can be enlarged which display an accurate representation of a patient’s teeth and oral anatomy.

  4. * Reduce time and costs.

  5. * Cerec cad cam technology enables the crown to be ready on the same day rather than waiting 1-2 weeks for the laboratory made crown.

  6. *Enhanced patient experience- Some people find the more traditional Impression taking experience more difficult that others.

  7. *Improved communication – allows our dentists to collaborate with other specialists and dental laboratories Immediately.

These are the Digital Dentistry Technologies that White Smile Pv has to offer:

  • Information management

Our dental records are all electronic which improves all aspects of our patient care

Storage: no storage space required.

  • Security:

We have a compliant managed hosting service.

  • Access:

sharing with other professionals/patients almost instantaneously via electronic transmission or direct access to a storage system.

  • Readability and Accuracy:

standardised typeface, customised template and contemporaneous notes.

  • Online Portal

We have our online portal available to update your medical history, personal details and managed your own bookings. Accessible around the clock, making it more convenient.

Digital Radiography

Our radiographs are digital which are instant, better quality, less radiation ,less cost and less space is re

quired than conventional radiography . They allow for immediate feedback at your appointment.

Cone-beam CT (CBCT)

This is a rotating X-ray machine which provides a three-dimensional view of teeth and the oral anatomy. Additionally, this imaging technique identifies oral conditions which are not detectable by regular X-ray screenings. They can also determine the exact position of teeth and their roots.

Digitally Guided Implant Surgery

Guided Implant surgery is a well-known and proven concept in the surgical treatment. Cases commonly involve complex oral conditions, the need for minimally invasive surgery and aesthetically demanding circumstances.

The combination of CBCT imaging with implant planning software enables our dentists to plan and perform implant surgery accurately, safely and quickly with improved visibility.

We determine the ideal implant position based on a CBCT scan and the software is used to determine the important anatomical structures and plan implant surgeries predictably. This plan can then used to create a surgical template which details implant positioning, angles and depths to ensure procedures go according to plan.

Utilising the workflow outlined above, dental practices have reduced implant failures, lessened repeat scans and improved treatment plan acceptance as patients can see exactly what they’re scans look like.

Without Digital Dentistry in our practice things would take a lot longer and be far less efficient and accurate!

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